Reducing gas emissions and tackling fuel poverty are both possible by retrofitting old building to improve energy performance. The EPEE project aims to facilitate the application of the European directive on the energy performance of buildings by focusing on low-income people, who often live in uncomfortable dwellings and cannot improve them. EPEE project aims to improve energy efficiency of buildings for people who are victims of fuel poverty.

Today, without a mobilization of all the actors (local communities, energy suppliers, NGO’s, etc…) to reduce consumption of energy in the habitat, the gas emissions for greenhouse effect will continue to grow and the situation of the people who are victims of fuel poverty will worsen.

Fuel poverty is not clearly defined in every European country, but similar problems are noticed : unpaid energy bills, disease, self-disconnecting, etc…

The EPEE consortium gathers different kinds of actors to combine all the competences needed to apprehend correctly this complex question which needs to find the links between housing, energy and poverty.

To reach EPEE’s objectives, several actions are implemented to:

  • Analyse fuel poverty situations and the causes which contribute to the development of fuel poverty;
  • Agree with a common definition of fuel poverty across Europe and to identify the best indicators to evaluate this phenomenon;
  • Assess current policies to address fuel poverty and to identify best practices (financial tools, existing technologies to achieve energy savings and increased comfort, etc…) and to define mechanisms adapted to each national energy context ;
  • Address recommendations to the decision makers. These recommendations will cover legal, economic and administrative aspects to contribute to a better understanding of fuel poverty at the national and European level;
  • Test and to evaluate tools produced in the framework of the project at a local level and disseminate at the national level;

Project co-funded by the european Union under the EIE programme - contrat EIE/06/158/SI2.447367